Tuesday, January 24, 2006

google mvno

I can't wait to see google's MVNO rollout, which would make perfect sense for such a universal brand. ESPN awaits, Virgin tried, but google may conquer and so can Apple!

Some people on mkwireless have to say this. Interesting!

If "google mvno" is a bad idea, then ESPN or any other MVNO model is worse a) because their core business focus is not telecommunications, atleast not ESPN when compared to google launching wireless internet and google mobile. (i am using it already). The foundation of an MVNO is a great brand than their core business. If Walmart or Mcdonald's can think of it - why not google?

You got to have a perfect brand name, focussed customer base, great content(ads in case of google is a pure reveune model to leverage their gargantuan content business), compatible devices, radically different service idea, distribution and collaboration with of telcos.
Let me give you an example - Shell Mobile launched it's MVNO in the highly evolving telecom market in Hong Kong. They had a focussed target market 'the motorists in HK' and used GPS handsets.

The MVNO game is quintessentially a symbiotic relationship between these two entities and, telcos, even though possessive about their brands, need not be threatened by an MVNO. T-Mobile is not limiting itself to Virgin, it has sold bulk minutes to yahoo and plans the same for google. I can't see ESPN or Virgin thriving without agreements in place with an operator. They wouldn't stand 'Virtual' if they were MOs and not MVNOs:)

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