Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Why can't Austin be telecom savvy?

The sad part is that only semiconductor, realty or such industries take top priority. Wait, no, top companies are in a completely different domain. With the constriction in the mobile market, CLECs and other operators and replacement of 'uncool' landline phones there is still very little or no effort towards attracting service providers such as MVNOs or 3G/wi-fi phone SPs here. How many people call from wi-fi handsets in Austin? Why would Google choose San Franciso over Austin?
People in other states, think that Austin is not a cool mobile market, because they have been bitten here in the past - a company called Mobiluem started and shut down immediately the facility here. Fate of Hillcast or such others was the same and the rest are selling blackberries or other such suches. Broadwing filed for bankruptcy.

People, that was years ago, the telecom industry is challenged now. We need to bring back the telecom buzz in Austin, by organizations such as AWA, ATC, MOMO to talk about more than mobile internet and SMS/MMS. We must invite speakers and decision makers from Operators and forthcoming MVNOs. I am quite convinced that we can make the change and there are several

From a different perspective, the sleeping telecom market in a
smaller, economical and tech savvy city diverges interests from a potential investors, service provider, telecom software vendor and wireless telephony aficionados elsewhere.

We need a start. For example, if google sets-up a wifi-mobility service here, things will change dramatically. Or perhaps an MVNO?

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