Wednesday, August 15, 2001

a thang called project!

So you get to face the real world today! Its your first show at Sumitomo Corp..
I am a bit nervous...thats allright....

The summit at Osaka completely drained me. I could happily sit through three hours of well-delivered presentations to five companies successively, but when i got caught up with those two gentlemen from Daiwa Jin, my energy-level waivered...Water, water!
Soon, we were off for a quick shot of sake and a sumptuous meal. Devotedly surviving on noodle-soup for the last 7 days?? it came as a shock to most of my peers back home. Well,sushi wasn't my cup of tea...atleast till washed the unfamiliar entree' with loads of sake smiling meekly at the J-Phone mind had built up gross images of the revolting salmonella story my colleague recited an hour ago...I survived for the next meal.

....They wanted to see the interface for almost all the products. No need for NDA now....Two hours, three oriental men...interested, influential and most of all patient enough for non-nihon-jins from a fledgling unknown outfit. It mattered.
Splendid, you did a great job! I told you my project will work...I am sure Tsani San would love this venture. Just keep your fingers crossed!
Ok, I am hungry now...Need a quick bite before the next meeting...