Monday, February 13, 2006

stay tuned GSMers

(source - 3GSM Congress)
The first day at 3GSM saw it's first day today. Due to failing communications channel on the first day (as reported by Rueters), the news flash was limited to a few events - HSDPA developments, MS's venture with Voda that threatens Blackberry's push e-mail, VoIP dominant strategies et cetera.
More news and announcements to be made this week by the biggest and hottest mobile companies. I can't get much of it on telecoms site or even technorati.

The next 3 days will also include the conspicuous operator issues, MVNOs and dual mode 3G/Wi-fi handsets - This should help the impending 50 MVNOs in Americas and atleast the VoIP companies who have such mobility plans. It interests me how the competing platforms that I talked about earlier are now collaborating. And also, how 3G migrates successfully to upgrades with HSPA that most infrastructure vendors claim is ready for installations.
Wonder how HSDPA has taken a front seat compared to the other sibling w-CDMA that got dumped today by Chinese. Its' superiority is displayed with the HEDGE-compatible phones/powerbooks that were announced last month. (4G>HEDGE>HSDPA>EDGE>3G> 2.5G)

Performance + Speed + Quality = Instant Adoption!

It still raises questions how the networks will perform, price, handset issues, battery life, cross-service discounts, rate plans and bill accuracy. Nonetheless, cornucopia of data, mobile internet, video and m-VoIP attract a giant pool of enthusiasts.

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