Monday, February 20, 2006

hutch catapults skype!

While UMTS providers continue to offer their wireless internet service over smartphones, VoIP provider (skype) has already carved it's little space for cheap broadband calls. The high-speed 3G networks realize this with an open-mind and opt for a symbiotic existence, just like how operators acquiesce to the MVNO's segmented markets.
Hutchison's '3' announced partnership with Skype recently. Although controversial for several operators (such as Vodafone, who owns even powerful high-speed HSPA network), this ready-to-cannibalize-mobile-plan offers a new streak for integrating VoIP over 3G network.

and what were those UMA providers talking about last week - end of VoIP??

I got to make a choice now - 3G phone(with VoIP), UMA phone, a wi-fi handset or plain CDMA?

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